We visit and get to know our clients on a personal level.

Direct knowledge of the location, people and company are critical in having credibility as a recruiter and in being able to describe and sell the opportunity.

Recruiting is a personal and emotional business.

A job search is not just a job description.  Most job descriptions follow the same template used since Adam was trying to hire a botanist in the Garden of Eden. Careers and communities cannot be described and sold through a job board or third party internet service. A complete and in-depth knowledge of the people, company, and geographic area are essential to the recruiting process.

Our years of recruiting have allowed us to build one of the best networks in the business for finding the perfect candidate.
Candidates today are very risk averse—manufacturing experience is more difficult to find than ever before.

Candidates want to know why they should work for you.  We can find and recruit these people to your company.

All of our recruiters previously held senior positions in different industries.

This helps us understand management needs in matching talent to your open position.

Contingency & Retained Search – We Guarantee Success

We offer both Retained and Contingency Searches depending on the position and the recruiting commitment that is required. Contingency Searches might be appropriate for mid-level management positions when confidentiality is not required. Retained Searches require more of a commitment from both sides and can be necessary when time to hire and confidentiality are critical. This can be when a current employee is being replaced or when an important, new, and strategic role is being created. Either way, we provide trusted, consultative services based on your needs.